Vertical Packaging Machines

Form. Fill. Seal.

UVA Butler 4 Series

Intermittent Motion Packaging Machine

Famous for their compact design and extreme reliability

Unique features with great benefits on cost and flexibility

Intermittent motion is often the preferred option for its simplicity and versatility and advanced packaging capabilities

Speeds up to 100 bags/min

UVA Lima-C Series

Continuous Motion Packaging Machine

All motions are driven by servo technology

The most versatile continuous motion packaging machine

Run up to seven different bag styles all on one machine

Speeds go up to 200 bags/min

UVA Twinner

Twin Continuous Motion Packaging Machine

Two machines in one frame

Free Form D-Motion with Automatic Motion Algorithm Control AMAC®

Run up to eight bag styles all on one machine

Speeds go up to 400 bags/min (200 per tube)

UVA Newton-I Series

Intermittent Motion Packaging Machine

Capability to produce different bag styles and types all on one machine

Modular design

Produce up to ten different bag styles

Speeds go up to 120 bags/min

UVA Newton-TX

Intermittent Motion Packaging Machine

Produce stand up pouches (or DOY style bags) on a compact VFFS machine

70% smaller footprint and 50% lower CAPEX than horizontal machines

Different bag styles and multiple types of resealing options

Speeds go up to 75 bags/min 

UVA C-160

Film wrapping Packaging Machine

Products are perfectly overwrapped with cellophane, polypropylene or other materials

The sheet is folded around the product and heat sealed to make the wrap

Speeds go up to 160 CPM

UVA Auto Splicer Series

Stand Alone Auto Splicer

Minimum footprint

Servo technology

“On the fly” splicing

Seamless installation

Reduce film waste

UVA Corner Seal Series

Corner Seal Bags on Any existing block bottom bagger

Seamless installation

Works with intermittent and continuous motion baggers

Four corner seal bags

Film speeds up to 500mm/sec

Retro fits with the UVA Butler 4 Series

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