End of Line Packaging Machines

Packaging Equipment for Finished Products

From cans, bottles, capsules and solid products, to a solution for products in flexible packaging, RM Industrial Automation offers a complete solution for your packaging line.

Mespack Case Erectors

Compact and fully-coated case erectors

  • Compact and fully-coated case erectors incorporate the best components on the market to maintain their structural design and robustness
  • Flap closure is performed by means of a hot-melt injection from the gluing unit with a capacity for up to 40 cases/minute
  • Format changeover adjustments are performed with the tool-free system
  • This is a modern and versatile machine at the cutting edge of technology in the sector with its innovative internet connectivity
  • Ideal for medium speeds of up to 40 cases per minute

Mespack Robotic Case Packers

New generation of robotic case packers

The RE-Series of robotic case packers comes equipped with servomotors and controls to ensure smooth motion and maximum positional accuracy

Depending on the type of tulips used, they can pack different kinds of products, such as bottles, cooler bottles, cans, jars, bags, packs, etc.

Designed to handle medium to high speeds depending on the number of tooling fitted.

Versatile machine capable of handling flexible, irregular-sized or unstable containers.

Mespack Case Sealers

Hot-melt injection with format changeover adjustments

  • Case sealers using a hot-melt injection with format changeover adjustments carried out easily and quickly

  • A message display enables the glue and speed programme to be automatically changed, and shows any incidents

  • The machine is equipped with numerous sensors to ensure correct operation (presence of box, product, minimum magazine level, accumulation on exit, etc.)

  • This is a modern and versatile machine at the cutting edge of technology in the sector with its innovative Internet connectivity

Mespack STAR150 Depalletiser

Container evacuation system without pressure

Designed to meet the strict requirements of the market in terms of medium and high speeds, positive transfer of full layer, container evacuation system without pressure

Especially suitable for glass containers and plastic crates, the STAR150 meets the strict requirements of the market.

Mespack Palletisers

Palletisers for any packaging

  • Anthropomorphic Palletiser
  • Display Tray Palletiser
  • Conventional Palletiser

Mespack Plastic Crates

Plastic crate processing machine

Machines specifically for unpacking and packing glass bottles from and into plastic crates.

Mespack Stretch Wrappers

Stretch wrappers designed to optimise film stretching

  • Rotary Turntable Stretch Wrapper
  • Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper
  • Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper

Mespack WA-Series Wrap Around Machines

Wrap Around Case packer machines

Servo controlled high-speed case packer machines for all types of products.

Mespack End of Line Robots

Special application robots

  • Caging / Unloading Robot
  • Cooler Bottle Handling Robot

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