Mespack HCM-Series

Packaging Machines

Intermittent and Continuous Motion HFFS

A patented combination of intermittent and continuous motion HFFS machine is capable of producing 140 stand-up pouches per minute of 1 litre – 60% more production as compared to a conventional HFFS machine.

Patented pouch transport system incorporating the new MGMS (Mespack grippers management system) which enables change-over of carousel system in less than 5 minutes through the touch screen.

This machine is available as a fully automatic FFS configuration in dual and triplex versions or as an FS execution for pre-made pouches. This machine can be supplied with all types of dosing systems and accessories on request.



  • Independent electrical panel
  • Independent unwinding system
  • Automatic adjustment of the jaws
  • Automatic correction of the bottom perforator for stand-up pouch
  • Adjustable triangle in height by servomotor
  • Pulling by servomotor
  • Three modes of simultaneous opening of envelope: by means of suction cups by vacuum, by blowing and by means of a mechanical system
  • Three dosing stations
  • Transport system powered by a mechanical cam
  • Fixed and mobile grippers of up to 2 kg of resistance
  • Linear drawing of the envelope before top welding
  • Automatic lubrication system by PLC

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