The MS-Series stick-pack machines offer reliability combined with the latest technology


Mespack is proud to introduce the New Stickpack machine MS-Series composed of three different models depending on required reel width (600/1000/1200).

Stick packs are an ideal presentation for liquids, powder, granules & pieces. Widely used for food or diet products, home & personal care, confectionary, pharmaceutical amongst many others.

The MS Series are built in a mono-block tubular heavy duty steel frame designed to provide free access to all sides of the machine as well as facilitate the maintenance procedures. Fully guarded machine with interlocked magnetic security switches. Machines can be equipped with multiple dosing system configurations as well as special motorized systems for easy cleaning.

The MS Series offer a flexible choice of full-servo machines, ATEX compliance, laminar flow, film sterilization system, laser coders and scorers, etc., are some of the possibilities that can be installed in the machine on request. Our goal is to continue to lead the market with an outstanding machine for a multitude of products that need high speed and reliable production. Our long experience in flexible packaging concepts and the acquired skills and know-how makes our products unique as regards quality and performance.

For Mespack, “technology” means high-quality, reliable & efficient solutions, and this keeps us constantly motivated to find the best packaging solutions for your products. We design & manufacture machines that are flexible, easy to maintain and meet current standards and increased operator safety.