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High capacity equipment for small and medium format pre-made pouches up to cuadrúplex


The SC machines are formed by a pouch feeding conveyor in one or two lanes, a pick and place to transfer the pre-made pouches to a walking beam system and the main module where they will be opened, filled and top sealed. These models are equipped with an independent electrical cabinet with a 12″ colour touch screen. A full range of optional items are available including coders, hole punchers, notchers, cap fitments and spout applicators ideal for filling systems for powder, granules or liquid and pasty products. Also we can install multihead weighers as an option. Various models are available, according to pouch dimentions, volumes and capacities.

Machine H-440 SC D
Pouch size min. 100 x 120
Pouch size max. 220 x 350
Max. volume 2000 c.c.
Output p.p.m. 100-120
Filling station 3
Pouch type Stand Up
Noise level < 70 Db
Electrical consumption 10-30 Kw
Air consumption 150-350 l/min.
Air pressure 6 bar

Final speed will depend on product and film characteristics