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Complying with the simplicity and robustness standards of Mespack design, the H-180 is a machine designed to produce medium size flat sachet and stand-up pouches with different fitments. Producing up to 1.500cc pouches, this machine is indicated for frozen foods, prepared foods, sauces & condiments, powders or liquids, beverages, dried fruits, snacks, confectionaries, dry mixes, and more.



Equipment to produce pouches of up to 1.500cc with top or edge cap

Technology adding huge value

The H-180 can be supplied with following main features:
·Independent electrical cabinet
·Independent unwinding system
·Automatic adjustement control of seal jaws position
·Automatic hole punch correction system for stand-up pouches
·Servo driven changeover system for forming plough
·Triple pouch opening system through vacuum, air jet and mechanical device
·Three different filling stations
·Cam drivem walking beam
·Pouche grippers engineered to hold up to 2 kg
·Static pouch stretching prior to sealing
·Pouch reject station
·PLC automatic lubrication system

Machine H-180 S H-180 D H-180 FE
Pouch size minium 70 x 100 60 x 100 70 x 100
Pouch size maximum 190 x 300 90 x 300 190 x 300
Gusset Min./max. 40 / 120
Maximum volume 1000 c.c. 200 c.c. 1500 c.c.
Filling station 4 4 4
Out put P .P. M. 80 / 90 160 / 180 65 / 70
Type of pouch Flat Flat Stand Up

Final speed will depend on product and film characteristics