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The H-140 has been designed to produce medium size sachets and it’s remarkable for its simplicity and user friendly operation.



High speed HFFS equipment for flat sachet producing up to 100 pouches per minute

Flexible, rugged and reliable

Reduced in size it allows to fill up to three different components into the same sachet.

Ideal for soup products where medium capacity is needed (up to 100 sachets/minute) and it’s very reasonably priced.

Low maintenance and change over simplicity are a plus in this model. Full range of filling heads combinations feasable.

Model H-140 S H-140 D
Production Speeds up to 100 ppm up to 200 ppm
Min. Sachet Dimensions WxH 70 x 100 mm 50 + 50 x 100 mm
Max. Sachet Dimensions WxH 140 x 200 mm 70 + 70 x 200 mm
Max. Volume 250 c.c. 90 c.c.
Total energy Consumption 7,5 Kw 7,5 Kw
Roll Stock Dimensions (mm.) Max. ø 450
Core ø 76 (3″)
Max. ø 450
Core ø 76 (3″)

Final speed will depend on product and film characteristics