» » » H-130


This is a medium size machine which can be used both in simplex or duplex operation.



High speed HFFS equipment for flat sachet producing up to 200 pouches per minute

Multiple possibilities up to 200 ppm

When set for duplex it produces two sachets for its machine stroke with capacity up to 200
sachets a minute.

Main application is for twin or stringed sachets which may contain same or different products, i.e. coffee-milk, sugar-salt, ketchup-mayonnaise.

Another wide extended use for this machine is in the cosmetic industry for creams, lotions or
refreshing towelettes.

Different types of fillers can be used according to the characteristics of the product.

Model H-130
Production Speeds up to 110 ppm
Min. Sachet Dimensions WxH 30 x 30 mm
Max. Sachet Dimensions WxH 130 x 130 mm
Max. Volume 60 c.c.
Total energy Consumption 7 Kw
Roll Stock Dimensions mm. Max. ø 450 mm
Core ø 76 mm
Max. web width 400 mm

Final speed will depend on product and film characteristics